Which type of filtration system is the best?
Diatomaceous Earth or commonly known as D.E. Filters. This type of filter can filter much finer particulant out of the water, resulting in a clean sparkling water.
Will a variable speed pool pump save me money?
Yes it can! If properly installed and properly programed for maximum savings.
Have your variable speed pool pump installed by a licensed pool professional.

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Why is properly balanced pool water important?
Improperly balanced pool water can damage the interior finish of your pool. An improper water balance can also cause damage to your pump, filter and heater exchanger inside your pool heater. It can also cause cell failure in salt water pool systems.
How often do I really NEED to clean my pool fiter?
*All filter cleanings may vary depending on pool conditions and bather loads.
Sand Filters - Every 2-3 months.
Cartridge Filters - Every 4-6 weeks as recommended depending on style and size.
D.E. Filters - Backwash or clean every 3-4 months.
*We recommend once a year D.E. filters be broke down, acid washed, and degreased to ensure your filter is 100% clean and to prevent grid failure. Even though D.E. filters are backwashed regularly they will leave a residual that will build up overtime and cause damage.
What should my pool chemical readings be?
Do you service above ground pools?
No. at this time we do not offer an above ground pool service.